Campfires & Safety – Not An Afterthought

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Campfires & Safety – Not An Afterthought

Enjoy your time by the fire during your camping trip with these best practices for fire safety!

You're going camping and you're excited as you should be! But, don't let your enthusiasm cloud your good judgement or that cloud might turn into smoke! Or, too much smoke... Fire, I mean fire. You don't want your fire to get out of control.

That said, here's some quick no-nonsense tips for fire control.

Keep Your Fire In the Designated Fire Pits

It's not BYOFP (Bring Your Own Fire Pit), most campgrounds will provide you with them. These are the ones marked with a metal plate and lots of ashes already in the middle. So don't go starting a new firespot, that work's been done. 

Keep Fires Small To Stay In Control

It can be tempting to build the ever raging fire, but control your caveman instincts and consider the consequences. Not only is it harder to control a raging bonfire, but it's harder to roast your favourite colour marshmallow!

At The End Of The Night, Douse Your Fire Completely

I know, you're tired, your husband or wife and kids are fast asleep already and you're tempted to just let it go out on it's own... STOP RIGHT THERE. This is the most common way fires get out of control. Left unattended who knows what kind of trouble they can get into. 

So enjoy your fire responsibly! Camp today.

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