Camping Rates & Reservations

Niagara Camping Rates & Reservations

Jordan Valley Campground rates vary but all are worth every penny for the serene atmosphere, great people and fun activities and amenities.

Basic Camping
Basic Camping, 1 Person      $26.73      $3.47      $30.20
Basic Camping, 2 People      $37.30      $4.85      $42.15
Electric / Water (15 amp)      $40.97      $5.33      $46.30
Electric / Water (30 amp)      $46.50      $6.05      $52.55
Electric / Water / Sewer (30 amp)      $52.48      $6.82       $59.30
3 & under      No Charge      No Charge      No Charge
4 – 17      $4.42      $0.58      $5.00
18+      $5.31      $0.69      $6.00
One vehicle per site      One-time charge      $3.00
Family Rates are for: 2 parents and their unmarried children up to (17 yrs) old. The plan allows for all children 3 and under at no charge, and for 2 children 4 to 17 yrs old. Additional children and adults will be charged at the applicable rate. In all cases, children are immediate family and unmarried.
Basic Camping Family Plan      $41.90      $5.45      $47.35
Electric / Water (15 amp)      $45.58      $5.92       $51.50
Electric / Water (30 amp)      $51.11      $6.64       $57.75
Electric / Water / Sewer      $57.08      $7.42       $64.50
3 & under      No Charge      No Charge      No Charge
4 – 17      $3.54      $0.46      $4.00
18+      $4.42        $0.58      $5.00
Large BBQ & Shelter, inc. Propane        $50.45     $6.55      $57.00
Building Reservation       $80.53      $10.47      $91.00
Tent / Shelter Reservation      $40.71      $5.29      $46.00

Payment methods accepted:
Payment Methods Accepted at Jordan Valley Campground

Seasonal Fees (Electricity billed per meter reading)

Seasonal Fees
(Electricity billed per meter reading)

Read Meters July 15 & Sept. 30
Site & Water      $2214.50      $287.90      $2502.40
Sewer Service      $390.63      $50.77      $441.40
Full Service      $2943.80
Extra Fridge
(Must inform office)
     $0.00      Requires shed.      $0.00
Shed (max. 8 x 6', no height extension)      $30.00 One-time fee. Must have written consent from our office, or shed will be removed.      $30.00
Winter Storage      $300.00      $39.00
     (inc. winter site & HST total)



Children Ages 3 & Under*      No Charge      No Charge      No Charge
Children Ages 4 - 17*      $3.54      $0.46      $4.00
Adults Ages 18 & Older      $4.42      $0.58      $5.00
Children Ages 3 & Under*      No Charge      No Charge      No Charge
  Season Pass   Children Ages 4 – 17*      $110.00      $14.30      $124.30
  Season Pass   Adults Ages 18 & Older      $160.00      $20.80      $180.80
*In all cases, children are immediate family and unmarried
Large BBQ & Shelter, including Propane      $50.47      $6.56      $57.00
Building Reservation      $80.53      $10.47      $91.00
Tent / Shelter Reservation      $40.71      $5,29      $46.00

Cancellation Policy Jordan Valley Campground, NiagaraBasic Camping Reservation Cancellation Policy

14 days or more before arrival date $10.00 for each site booked.

5 days to 13 days before arrival date 1 day charged for each site booked.

4 days before arrival date to arrival date, charged for all days and sites booked. Exceptions are not made due to weather.

Jordan Valley Campground is a Family camping facility. Campfires are allowed but must be extinguished by midnight. Music is allowed. Keep in mind that your music is for your site only and not for anyone else. Loud music is not allowed at any time.

Alcohol is allowed in moderation on your own site. Pets are allowed as long as they are kept quiet, tied at all times and they are picked up after. Pets are not to be left unattended in the campground. Please do not tie anything to our trees, canopies, closelines, hammocks, pets etc. We will provide a drying rack at no charge if needed please bring poles and ropes for canopies and a frame for hammocks.

These are just a few of the rules that are enforced at Jordan Valley Campground. Failure to comply with any of our rules can lead to a person or persons being asked to leave. There will be no refund if asked to leave for failure to comply with our rules.

Seasonal Rate Policy

Accounts not paid in full by May 15th are subject to interest charges of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance. The Mgt. reserves the right to refuse entry to any unit with an unpaid balance after June 15th where arrangements have not been made to reconcile account. Seasonal accounts paid in full by May 15th 2018 subject to 3% discount if paid by cash, cheque or debit. The Seasonal site holder is responsible for any and all Taxes or License sticker fees that may be levied against their unit. $300.00 non-refundable Deposit for 2019 season (applied against storage charge if you decide not to stay for the new season) due September 30th 2018.

Gate cards: 1st card $30.00 one time charge unless lost. Extra cards $30.00 each. Cards are cancelled Oct.15th and activated when you make arrangements to settle your account.

Decks: No decks are to be built without written permission of the office. Decks cannot be larger than the actual trailer footprint not including the tongue and bumper. The deck must be constructed in sections with a maximum footprint of 8’X 10’. Decks are to be stained natural wood colors or treated. Any deck more than one foot off the ground requires a railing other than at the steps.

Visitors: We welcome visitors for all our seasonal clients. Please remember that there is a charge for visitors and day use visitors must leave the campground by 11pm. If you would advise your visitors before they arrive so they are not disappointed. Always keep in mind that you are responsible for any visitors that you may have. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors follow all park rules including but not limited to Noise, pets, alcohol and departure time.

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