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Cancellation Policy Jordan Valley Campground, NiagaraReservation Cancellation Policy

14 days or more before arrival date $10.00 for each site booked.

5 days to 13 days before arrival date 1 day charged for each site booked.

4 days before arrival date to arrival date, charged for all days and sites booked. Exceptions are not made due to weather.

Jordan Valley Campground is a Family camping facility. Campfires are allowed but must be extinguished by midnight. Music is allowed. Keep in mind that your music is for your site only and not for anyone else. Loud music is not allowed at any time.

Alcohol is allowed in moderation on your own site. Pets are allowed as long as they are kept quiet, tied at all times and they are picked up after. Pets are not to be left unattended in the campground. Please do not tie anything to our trees, canopies, closelines, hammocks, pets etc. We will provide a drying rack at no charge if needed please bring poles and ropes for canopies and a frame for hammocks.

These  are just a few of the rules that are enforced at Jordan Valley Campground. Failure to comply with any of our rules can lead to a person or persons being asked to leave. There will be no refund if asked to leave for failure to comply with our rules.

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